Thursday, October 20, 2011

Restoran Bagan Lalang Seaview @ Sepang

A simple place for a great casual get together at dinner time, Restoran Bagan Lalang Seaview is one of the few seafood restaurants facing the beach near the Sepang Goldcoast Golden Palm Tree Resort. They serve the usual hearty Malay cuisine plus fresh seafood at a very reasonable price, and it's one of my favourite place to go. Do know that it's almost a 2 hours drive from my place. ;)

I must thank my friends Ann and Winky for introducing this wonderful place to me. They're from Sungai Pelek, a town famous for its dragonfruits, which I really love. I bought almost 4kg of mini dragonfruits and had some dragonfruit ice pops, too! They're sweet, juicy and fresh nonetheless. Sungai Pelek only sells purple dragonfruits. (I do mean the flesh) :)

One should always try to reach there early for the dragonfruits because the stalls close late afternoon around 6pm. I reached there at 5pm or so, and we made it in time to catch the sunset at the beach before dinner. It was beautiful and we did some photography.

Sunset at the Bagan Lalang Beach

 Alright, now comes the main focus: Restoran Bagan Lalang Seaview and their food. :)

So the ritual is, you can either pick a seat first but for me, I'd always knew it is best to head straight to the counter where the fresh seafood are laid, to make my order first. They have a fair range of bivalves* such as freshwater clams (aka kepah), lala clams, bamboo clams (aka siput buluh/pepahat), and cockles. Other than that they have squid, grouper (ikan kerapu), stingray (ikan pari) and torpedo scad fish (more widely known as ikan cencaru).
Their shellfish (prawns and crabs) is a bit pricey though, and my friends learnt it the hard way. ;p

Forgotten to take note of the seafood pricing,
too hungry ;p Sorry guys!

You MUST try their ikan bakar. My personal and all-time fav is the stingray fish (RM4.50 each). Also, make sure you try their Sweet & Sour Kepah (forgot the price but think it's less than RM20/kg), succulent and divine! I'm a strong believer of a balanced diet, so we ordered stir-fried kailan with salted fish (kailan goreng ikan masin), all their veggies are fresh and priced only at RM2.50 each! I thought the tomyam campur (RM3.50) was....meh. Probably because the other dishes was too awesome ;p


They serve the usual teh o ais to fresh fruit juices priced from RM1.20 onwards, with coconut juice being the most expensive at RM2.50 each. They also have a fairly wide selection of fried rice and noodles but I go there for their Nasi Lemak Telur Goreng (used to be RM2.50, not sure if the price increased like the seafood's did).

Nasi Lemak Telur Goreng

They're also taking reservations now, do call up if you're bringing more than 10 pax. I got the contact numbers from the sources below:
Please drop me comments and tell what you think about my review, especially on how I can improve it.
Til then!

Lot 1071 Jalan Pantai
Kg Bagan Lalang
43950 Sg Pelek
Sepang, Selangor

03 3141 2941
012 632 1722 (Ein)

The Verdict

Service: 6/10 Self-service when ordering seafood. Staff was...meh~
Food: 9/10 I'm always skeptical when it comes to giving a 10/10 ;p But I love the food!
Atmosphere/Ambience: 8/10 Good seatings & I love al-fresco dining, just remember to bring your mosquito repellent ;p
Will I come back: I always did ;)

bivalves* - any mollusk, as the oyster, clam, scallop, or mussel, of the class Bivalvia, having two shells hinged together, a soft body, and lamellate gills. (


  1. awesome for first post.looking forward for more food passion from you! =)

  2. is it halal restaurant?

  3. Yes, it is owned by a Malay family :)